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  • GlobalShop trade show

    Date : 12/04/2016

    Aspecta's focus for the GlobalShop trade show was to feature and promote our new Aspecta Ten collection with the new Isocore waterproof technology. This year, I decided to look at what high-end laminates,..

  • Abstracts on the offensive

    Date : 23/01/2015

    Our 24 Abstracts received a fantastic reception at Domotex Hannover. One of the many great things about this range is that it boldly and directly addresses the “non-believers” in LVT and challenges..

  • Another new dimension in flooring

    Date : 04/08/2015

    ASPECTA's Robert Langstaff explains ASPECTA TEN’s design potential We have begun to preview ASPECTA TEN, which will be our second LVT range exclusively for the contract market. It comprises four..

  • ASPECTA's commitment to Sustainable Sustainability...

    Date : 22/04/2015

    ASPECTA’s Corey Carter discusses the brand’s commitment to Sustainable Sustainability…. Here at Metroflor, we are very proud of the progress that we have made internally around matters..

  • ASPECTA Momentum Continues at NeoCon

    Date : 24/06/2015

    Paul Eanes, VP of Sales for Metroflor, enthuses about a very successful NeoCon 2015 as ASPECTA gathers serious momentum as a global brand. The ASPECTA FIVE Abstracts were a big hit at Neocon! Piermont and Tarnish ,..

  • Aspecta Ten Fulton Hype: A Design Journey

    Date : 22/04/2016

    Leather has always been a sumptuous material that has enriched our senses with feel, color, smell, texture, luxury and comfort. It has been a material used for thousands of years for practical purposes,..

  • Availability - Another Top Priority For Aspecta!

    Date : 19/10/2015

    Paul Eanes, VP of Sales for Metroflor, talks about the commitment that ASPECTA can now promise in terms of availability.

  • Banking On A Great Floor

    Date : 09/03/2016

    Paul Eanes, Vice President of Sales for Metroflor, is delighted with the ASPECTA installation at KeyCorp Bank in Cleveland.

  • Wood Designs Showcased at Domotex Hannover

    Date : 27/01/2015

    Seeing my 52 wood designs showcased at Domotex Hannover was tremendously exciting. This was the official European launch for ASPECTA ERME and so I was really keen to see what reception they received. It..

  • Designing for Contract Trends

    Date : 08/07/2015

    ASPECTA's Robert Langstaff reviews NeoCon 2015 from a design perspective...

  • Forward thinking on phthalates

    Date : 15/05/2015

    There has been a fair bit in the media recently about plasticizers, particularly ortho-phthalate plasticizers. ASPECTA’s Corey Carter explains how parent company Metroflor took the initiative early..

  • Healthcare Design Connections

    Date : 04/03/2016

    The Interiors & Sources magazine-hosted Healthcare Design Connections event held in Jacksonville, Florida Feb. 22 - 24, brought top manufacturers and suppliers together with their target specifying audience..

  • Hospitable Flooring

    Date : 06/05/2015

    With HD Expo taking place next week (visit us at Booth 1201, if you can!), now seemed a good time to talk up ASPECTA’s credentials from the hospitality sector perspective. The potential role for..

  • LVT and Sustainability

    Date : 14/01/2015

    Paul Eanes, VP of Sales for Metroflor, talks about the commitment that ASPECTA can now promise in terms of availability.

  • LVT gets a hospitable welcome

    Date : 28/05/2015

    Paul Eanes, vice president of sales for ASPECTA, is very excited about the new potential for LVT in the hospitality market following his recent trip to HD Expo in Las Vegas. HD Expo 2015 was one of the..

  • M House

    Date : 05/10/2015

    Following a fantastic trip to the Surface & Panel Symposium in Milwaukee, and the M House concept environment in Watertown, Wisconsin, which showcased ASPECTA—Metroflor’s Russ Rogg comments on the importance..

  • New Design Center Opens Showcasing Green Globes Best Practices

    Date : 20/07/2015

    ASPECTA’s director of sustainability Corey Carter celebrates the company’s latest environmental achievements as the new Innovation & Design Center is officially declared open, showcasing..

  • Providing Style For The Stylists

    Date : 10/02/2016

    Paul Eanes, VP of Sales for Metroflor, talks about ASPECTA’s part in Thomas West Salon’s new look.

  • Surfaces Blog

    Date : 29/01/2016

    Metroflor President & CEO Russ Rogg celebrates distributor partnerships and a successful first year for ASPECTA

  • Sustaining Ambition

    Date : 22/12/2014

    ASPECTA is committed to being as sustainable as possible with principles of responsible sourcing, saving water and energy, reducing emissions, and recycling embedded into the entire business under the..

  • The Continued Rise of Authenticity

    Date : 05/06/2015

    Ahead of NeoCon 2015, ASPECTA design director Robert Langstaff talks about the latest trends in the hospitality market. Color and the use of sophisticated color combinations continues to be a key..

  • The Designer's Perspective on Success

    Date : 21/01/2016

    ASPECTA by Metroflor is gaining momentum. ASPECTA FIVE got a great reception when it was launched, but to be recognized at Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year Awards last month really was the ultimate..

  • Emerging Trends 2015

    Date : 09/03/2015

    ASPECTA director of design, Robert Langstaff, gives his views on the trends that are emerging in 2015, as we approach the end of quarter one.