• Our commitment to Sustainable Sustainability

    Corey Carter

ASPECTA's commitment to Sustainable Sustainability...

Date : 22/04/2015

ASPECTA’s Corey Carter discusses the brand’s commitment to Sustainable Sustainability….

Here at Metroflor, we are very proud of the progress that we have made internally around matters relating to the environment and also the external recognition that we have achieved. This includes the Platinum certification under the NSF/ANSI 332 standard and just a few weeks ago, two GreenStep environmental awards from Floor Covering Weekly. Furthermore, our new Green Globes certified Innovation & Design Center embraces much of the latest thinking around responsible sourcing, saving water and energy, reducing emissions and recycling.

In terms of manufacturing, ASPECTA only uses 100% virgin vinyl, non-phthalate plasticizers and a urethane ceramic bead coating. Our factories follow strict protocols for both environmental and quality control procedures as outlined in their ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

Air Quality is of utmost importance for us with Aspecta which is FloorScore® certified for indoor air quality. When used together with our complementary Prevail® adhesives our clients can be confident that their installation adheres to  strict quality standards and contributes to good indoor air quality.

End of life is important to ASPECTA, too. Our REVISE one-call reclamation process enables contractors to return installation cuttings or replaced vinyl flooring to the company to be utilized in the backing of other flooring products or processed into products such as floor mats or boot trays.

However, we still have a long way to go!

In addition to the progress listed above, we are campaigning to get all stakeholders involved in the flooring sales-channel on board with our commitment to operate to the highest environmental standards - and we need to keep asking questions! We need to ensure that the environmental impacts of our processes are continually monitored, reviewed and, if at all possible, improved. And we need to seek ways for everyone involved to contribute towards these goals, such as distributors, contractors & installers.

Some of our customers insist on very high standards of official accreditation already, but we want to be the company who exceeds the benchmark and truly makes sustainability part of our DNA.

A key priority for us at the moment surrounds the adhesives used during flooring installation. We are investigating the use of recycled material in all of our adhesive options, including our epoxy products and reviewing exactly how we can make a difference from an environmental perspective, while still delivering the highest levels of performance. We aren’t stopping at the flooring but believe all aspects of the installation systems should be as sustainable and safe as possible.

So, we are doing good. But we want to do more. And to this end, I am inviting the A&D community, distributors and contractors to give feedback on these initiatives and also on their own priorities, so we can work together to the benefit of all our stakeholders and fulfill our responsibilities as a global LVT specialist.

Email me at: ccarter@metroflorcorp.com – I look forward to hearing your views.