• New Design Centre Opens Showcasing Green Globes' Best Practices

New Design Center Opens Showcasing Green Globes Best Practices

Date : 20/07/2015

ASPECTA’s director of sustainability Corey Carter celebrates the company’s latest environmental achievements as the new Innovation & Design Center is officially declared open, showcasing many examples of best practice.

We have always said that our commitment to sustainability is a long-term one. It is in our DNA. But we still take great pleasure in every new accolade or external mark of recognition. The latest is our final Green Globes award in which we scored three out of four.

Green Globes is a highly respected organization that is pioneering best practice in sustainable design, construction and operations - working in a collaborative way that is actually very supportive, as well as providing an official, nationally recognized rating assessment and certification program. Green Globes’ motivation is to embrace and harness principles of both creating the building and occupying it in an environmentally positive way – both externally and internally and extending to climate and comfort.

Our new Innovation & Design Center benefits from solar energy, 100% LED lighting and rainwater collection. Our tank holds a huge quantity of rainwater and is used for lawn and landscape irrigation to reduce our water consumption.

From an interiors standpoint, all finishes, flooring, furniture, etc. are products certified for low indoor air quality emissions by programs such as FloorScore and GreenGuard.

Other unique features of the building include a living wall in the entry foyer and a conference room constructed of reinforced concrete that doubles as a storm shelter.

By working to principles of best practice in terms of sustainability, we are also saving costs, so it brings financial benefit to the business as well as being environmentally responsible. This in itself, we have found, is also very motivational for our people. So it really is good news all round – but we still have a way to go, and we will continue to look for new ways to minimize our energy consumption and use of raw materials, and to recycle whenever we possibly can.

Please feel free to email me with any comments or questions at: ccarter@metroflorcorp.com