• ASPECTA Momentum Continues at NeoCon

ASPECTA Momentum Continues at NeoCon

Date : 24/06/2015

Paul Eanes, VP of Sales for Metroflor, enthuses about a very successful NeoCon 2015 as ASPECTA gathers serious momentum as a global brand.

The ASPECTA FIVE Abstracts were a big hit at Neocon! Piermont and Tarnish , in particular, with strong interest also in Fracas and Hexi. For the first time, all 109 SKUs were shown on our wall of color. When we launched last year we didn't have all the Abstracts and so it was great to be showcasing the entire range as a complete portfolio.

Our Woods and Stones were also a major hit with the design community at NeoCon. Unlike most competitors, ASPECTA offers as many as 13 embosses to choose from, which helps to distinguish the ASPECTA FIVE line, even beyond color and design.

ASPECTA TEN, a coming attraction this Fall, enjoyed a tremendous response from everyone who saw it. From contractors to architects to designers. It is clearly the LVT platform of the future, as it provides solutions to both moisture problems and sound transmission - all without compromising design or color!

There are so many flooring specifications that can be covered with ASPECTA. From grocery to corporate to retail stores and institutional, I am convinced that ASPECTA TEN is going to help change the industry for the better and actually grow the category.

Our booth looked more handsome than even last year, and we had an even larger number of leads than previous. Exciting times!