• LVT gets a hospitable welcome

LVT gets a hospitable welcome

Date : 28/05/2015

Paul Eanes, vice president of sales for ASPECTA, is very excited about the new potential for LVT in the hospitality market following his recent trip to HD Expo in Las Vegas.

HD Expo 2015 was one of the best trade shows that I have ever attended - and I have been to a few!

As a new brand, exhibitions are still a bit of an experiment for us but it seems that the hospitality sector is loving LVT and the ASPECTA booth in particular was inundated with interest and enquires. Our Abstracts like PiermontBromley and Washed Concrete, were especially well received.

While restaurant operators have been specifying LVT for some time, for hoteliers it is a much newer discovery. But now a number of major hotel chains are using LVT in bedrooms because it looks so good! Additionally, its practicality means that the same design can also run through into the bathroom. This is happening to such an extent that LVT is actually replacing ceramic flooring. LVT not only looks fantastic but also, despite being a hard surface, offers good sound codes. Hospitality designers are appreciating its durability too - ASPECTA has a 25 year warranty - and is also very easy to maintain.

We spent a lot of time creating a range that would have a 'wow' factor for hospitality specifiers. We knew we needed to capture a wide range of preferences and styles - and the result was our 33 Stones, 52 Woods and 24 Abstracts. So over 100 plus tiles and planks in total, ranging in size from 7.25" X 48" to 24" X 24", with a 3.2mm thickness and 28 Mil wear layer. They are further enhanced by a ceramic bead finish and a three-stage embossing process to achieve the most authentic textures on the market. 

ASPECTA's environmental credentials are also excellent, having received NSF 332 Platinum certification in resilient flooring (the highest standard). Something else we are very product of!

So whatever the project - bar, restaurant or hotel - ASPECTA has a solution. 

Traditional/contemporary. Large/small. Urban/country.

Why not request a sample and then tell us what you think?