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    ASPECTA TEN Fulton Hyde: A design Journey

Aspecta Ten Fulton Hyde: A Design Journey

Date : 22/04/2016

Leather has always been a sumptuous material that has enriched our senses with feel, color, smell, texture, luxury and comfort. It has been a material used for thousands of years for practical purposes, clothing, and now as a luxury item. I felt that this richness found in leather would be a great coordinate for the weathered rustic direction that Aspecta 10 was endeavoring to capture.

Fulton Hyde was actually created from an old worn and weathered working saddle that had, as they say, “been ridin’ hard”. What was so captivating about the design was how its character proudly reflected the effects of hard work and hard use in all types of conditions. It makes you pause and reflect about these qualities.

At the same time the design was being developed, I realized that to truly complement the print, it needed an embossing texture that showed the same effects of wrinkles and cracks from weathering. While in the garment district of New York rummaging through one of the many shops, I found a loft area with tables stacked with a couple hundred leather hides. After looking through almost 120, I found one that matched perfectly the print I was working with, purchased it, and sent it to be reproduced into a new embossing for Fulton Hyde.

At Aspecta we know that embossings are key to enhancing designs and this was not different for Fulton Hyde. The combined visual and tactile effects that you have with this design were well worth the extra effort and cost to create this rich and unique tile design. Take a few minutes to see and feel this design and you to will find the same experience I had when developing it. If you’re going to HD Expo May 4 – 6, discover ASPECTA TEN Fulton Hyde at Booth 4215.

Fulton Hyde