• The Designer's Perspective on Success

The Designer's Perspective on Success

Date : 21/01/2016

ASPECTA by Metroflor is gaining momentum. ASPECTA FIVE got a great reception when it was launched, but to be recognized at Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year Awards last month really was the ultimate accolade for director of design Robert Langstaff. Here he reflects on ASPECTA’s success and inspiration.

“The Best of Year Awards was one of the proudest nights of my career. Especially coming so soon after our Nightingale Awards’ Silver for the product, which was already very exciting! Piermont, in particular, has been a major focus for the acknowledgement we have had to date. My sixth sense had always told me that this design was a bit special.

The inspiration came from painted wood, but we wanted to create something different. We wanted something edgy but not trendy. Something stunning and stylish but with longevity.

The end result embraced the premium, metallic finishes from the automotive industry along with the use of light. I also believe that the sincerity of this product had a part to play - with the print design, embossing texture and the metallic flash all contributing.

What is interesting, is that while many brands’ flagship designs get noticed, it is often the safer, more conventional options that get the sales. With Piermont, we have secured fame and some fortune! It is the Retail and Hospitality market that is especially embracing the Piermont aesthetic, with considerable interest from the Corporate sector too.

I was in Germany this week, at Domotex Hannover, to promote our new range - ASPECTA TEN  - and I can’t wait to see which designs from this 40 strong, stunning new collection will get most endorsement from the A&D community and which will be our next star product.

Feel free to send me your views at rlangstaff@metroflorcorp.com.