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m house

Date : 05/10/2015

Following a fantastic trip to the Surface & Panel Symposium in Milwaukee, and the M House concept environment in Watertown, Wisconsin, which showcased ASPECTA—Metroflor’s Russ Rogg comments on the importance of this living research lab, which showcases the most cutting- edge engineered materials in innovative ways.

The M House is a stunning demonstration of the role that manmade materials should play in modern environments – a testament to their power as tools for design professionals to create authentic, quality spaces. By providing M House with Aspecta in the Washed Concrete style, Metroflor was able to make a strong statement about the aesthetic value of LVT in this modern environment.

We were so pleased how well the M House showcased Aspecta, and how cohesively it contributed to the authenticity of the environment. We are proud to support the entire concept of promoting man-made materials that offer beauty, performance and value: oftentimes these products make better alternatives than their natural counterparts.

What was most thrilling? How well Aspecta blended with the other manmade materials – from cabinets and walls to exterior products – creating a luxurious, comfortable and visually cohesive space. 

We are proud that Aspecta helped fulfill M House’s Architect John Vetter and Designer Amy Carman’s challenge: uniting our industries’ finest materials and technology in new and unique applications to show the world what's possible in contemporary interiors.

We’d like to thank John Aufderhaar, the creative force behind M House, for his vision, passion and determination to bring this concept environment to life. Never before has a high-quality modern structure been built specifically with the interior architecture and surface materials in mind. We thank him for his pioneering spirit and for the opportunity to demonstrate the aesthetic, practical and value proposition that Aspecta represents in the flooring arena.