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  • New Design Center Opens Showcasing Green Globes Best Practices

    Date : 20/07/2015

    ASPECTA’s director of sustainability Corey Carter celebrates the company’s latest environmental achievements as the new Innovation & Design Center is officially declared open, showcasing..

  • Forward thinking on phthalates

    Date : 15/05/2015

    There has been a fair bit in the media recently about plasticizers, particularly ortho-phthalate plasticizers. ASPECTA’s Corey Carter explains how parent company Metroflor took the initiative early..

  • ASPECTA's commitment to Sustainable Sustainability...

    Date : 22/04/2015

    ASPECTA’s Corey Carter discusses the brand’s commitment to Sustainable Sustainability…. Here at Metroflor, we are very proud of the progress that we have made internally around matters..

  • Sustaining Ambition

    Date : 22/12/2014

    ASPECTA is committed to being as sustainable as possible with principles of responsible sourcing, saving water and energy, reducing emissions, and recycling embedded into the entire business under the..