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ASPECTA TEN takes fashion runway by storm

Corneto Cloud Design Sets the Stage for StyleChicago.com’s The Art of Fashion

NORWALK, CT, Nov. 16 -- Aspecta Ten with ISOCORE Technology®, the new luxury vinyl tile flooring collection from Metroflor Corporation, recently took to the catwalk in Chicago where it became the foundation for Stylechicago.com’s The Art of Fashion runway show. More than 75 fashionable Chicagoans flocked to Revel Fulton Market for a red carpet evening of live runway, designer pop-up shopping and refreshments. Eleven of Chicago’s finest fashion designers showcased ten looks each from their Fall/Winter ’16 and Spring/Summer ’17 collections – and Aspecta Ten literally set the stage for the 25 models. The 72-foot-long Aspecta Ten runway provided a smooth, comfortable, and most of all, fashionable surface for the models to strut their stuff.  

On a tight time frame, installers were able to lay down the 900 square feet of the Aspecta Ten floating floor with ISOCORE Technology on top of the runway in time for the evening show to begin. After the show, the flooring was donated to Design for Dignity, an organization that harnesses the combined power of pro bono design, construction talent and donated materials to transform nonprofit environments. The Aspecta Ten product will be installed in the upcoming XS Tennis and Education Village in Chicago’s Washington Park neighborhood.

The haute couture flooring chosen was Aspecta Ten’s Corneto Cloud, a 18” x 36” tile. Said Metroflor Director of Design Robert Langstaff, who collaborated with the organizers to choose the right design, “Fashion is all about design, color and style. The venue for a fashion show is just as important as the collections being presented, and that’s what gave us the idea to use our new Aspecta Ten Corneto design for this year’s show. It was important to feature a design that was stylish and elegant and accentuated the models, yet not overpowering in color. Corneto has the ability to blend easily with its surroundings while making a striking design statement.” 

Said Metroflor President & CEO Russ Rogg, “The connection between the fashion show and the fashionable statement you can make with Aspecta Ten is a perfect match.” Lynna Smith, a principal owner at StyleChicago.com, commented, “Aspecta Ten’s Corneto Cloud tile was just the right choice for adding an extra touch of luxury.”

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