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    Installers Discover Aspecta LVT by Metroflor Corp

ASPECTA is a new global LVT flooring brand developed by Metroflor Corp. The 100-strong range brings a new dimension to flooring for the global contract community with a collection of beautiful tiles and planks that combine excellence in design, color, and texture. The designs span metal, solid hues, concrete, wood, stone and abstract visuals enhanced by the most authentic textures on the market. Durable, easy to maintain, and safe, ASPECTA is suitable for a host of demanding commercial high-traffic environments. It was developed based on consultation with architects, designers and flooring contractors to outperform current market offerings from an aesthetic as well as practical perspective.

Sustainability is a core part of how Metroflor does business, and the company is continually improving its environmental performance and social responsibility. Because of this mindset, the product’s entire lifecycle was considered in designing ASPECTA. The company sources only the finest and safest ingredients from environmentally conscious suppliers. ASPECTA uses only 100% virgin PVC resins, non-phthalate plasticizers and is free of heavy metals. These attributes ensure that the flooring can always be safely recycled in the future.

The company has launched a free one-call reclamation program designed to aid architects, builders and installers by providing an avenue for the recycling of vinyl installation waste during the construction process. As part of ASPECTA’s Revise program, installation cuttings can be returned to the company by the installer or contractor for recycling. When an ASPECTA floor replaces a vinyl floor by another manufacturer, it may also be eligible for the program. Each returned product is analyzed to find the most environmentally beneficial outcome for it – anything from secondary vinyl products such as car mats to reuse in the backing of other Metroflor products.

ASPECTA flooring’s sustainable design is based on a belief to meet – and exceed -- governmental and environmental standards.  ASPECTA passes the most stringent tests for VOC emissions and indoor air quality requirements. It is FloorScore Certified and has achieved compliance with California Department of Public Health CDPH/EHLB Low-Emission Standard Method Version 1.1, 2010.

Most impressively, ASPECTA was the first LVT product to achieve Platinum Certification under NSF ANSI 332, an assessment that evaluates product design, product manufacturing, long-term value, end-of-life management, corporate governance, and innovation.

All this gives installers the confidence that Aspecta was designed with their role in mind. On the quality front, they will experience less downtime related to mediocre product issues. Safety is another by-product: Installers can rest assured that ASPECTA will not expose them to harmful emissions or other toxic matter during the installation process.

Metroflor Corp. is proud to be a member of INSTALL and support its mission: to ensure the continued health and prosperity of the North American floorcovering industry, to demonstrate commitment to quality installations, and to enhance the industry’s reputation.  Two of our employees started their careers as union flooring installers – Roger Gonzalez, technical representative, and David Altman, director of R & D. We applaud the INSTALL craftsmen whose training and productivity enable contractors and manufacturers to remain competitive in the industry.