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Sustaining Ambition

ASPECTA is committed to being as sustainable as possible with principles of responsible sourcing, saving water and energy, reducing emissions, and recycling embedded into the entire business under the stewardship of Global Chairman and CEO Harlan Stone and environmentalist Rhonda Ross. This dedication has just been endorsed by ASPECTA's recent Platinum level NSF 332 certification in Sustainability for Resilient Flooring.

In terms of manufacturing, ASPECTA only uses 100% virgin vinyl, non phthalate plasticizers and urethane ceramic bead coating.

The plant has attained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for tiles and planks, which together with their adhesives are FloorScore certified to assure strict quality standards and good indoor air quality.

End of life is important to ASPECTA, too. A one-call reclamation process enables contractors to return installation cuttings or replaced vinyl flooring to the company to be processed into car, boot, or floor mats.

As a business, ASPECTA has pledged to always be accurate, truthful, verified, comprehensive and transparent. Harlan Stone, Chairman and Global CEO of ASPECTA, said: "We are committed to seeing things in a global light with an understanding that there is one human race united in our inhabitance of this planet and with common dreams and aspirations for a better life. It is our stated goal to help provide an opportunity for that better life through the products we create, the jobs we provide and the daily actions we engage in as we too pursue our dreams."

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