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Treated Oak 5392102- Bleached

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Available Hues

Collection: Treated Oak

Hue: Bleached

Undeniably European in character, the deep color and classic look is captured through the fuming process � where the wooden planks are treated in a rarefied atmosphere of ammonia or tin to alter the tannins in the wood and change the plank�s natural color. A translucent wash adds the finishing touch, bringing out the rich graining to create that unmistakable look.

Technical Data

Total Thickness0.126 inches (3.2 mm)
Plank/Tile Size - Width7.25 inches (184.2 mm)
Plank/Tile Size - Height48 inches (1219.2 mm)
Wear Layer0.028 inches (1 mm)
Edge DetailMicro-Bevel
Gloss LevelSuper Matte
Surface FinishUrethane with Ceramic Bead

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