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Aspecta Sustainability

We don’t believe in simply complying with government and environmental legislation. We believe in exceeding these standards in all that we do. So wherever you see the Aspecta name, you can rest assured it was designed and manufactured with the well-being of the world in mind. 

Design choices affect a product throughout its entire life cycle and with Aspecta, we chose wisely. We source only the finest and safest ingredients from environmentally conscious suppliers. From PVC resins that are 100% pure to the use of non-phthalate plasticizers, our vinyl flooring was designed with recycling in mind. These attributes ensure that not only can Aspecta be recycled many times over, but that it can also safely be recycled.

In fact, Aspecta is one of the most sustainable and recyclable out there. As part of our Revise program, installation cuttings can be returned for recycling through the installer. When an Aspecta floor replaces a vinyl floor by another manufacturer, it may also be eligible for the program. Each returned product is analyzed to find the most environmentally beneficial outcome for it – this could be anything from secondary vinyl products such as car mats to reuse in the backing of other Metroflor products. Of course, thanks to Aspecta’s impressive durability this won’t happen for many years after installation.