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    Find out about how we’ve been taking responsibility for tomorrow.

Sustainability touches everything that we do. It’s ingrained in our culture and evident in the way we live and work. Take our sustainable construction for instance. In 2011 we built our offices in Georgia and were awarded LEED Platinum certification. We’re now in the process of constructing further sites nearby using the GBI’s Green Globes system. These buildings will boast a range of innovative sustainable features, including solar power, daylighting, rainwater harvesting, green roofing and more. 

We believe in going above and beyond the industry standards in order to set expectations of how companies should operate in the future. So here are just some of the factors we build into our business today:

Renewable Energy

The solar energy generated from our solar array provides a staggering 35% of the support centers electrical needs.

Reduced Water Consumption

The installation of a 6,500 gallon rainwater harvesting system reduces our overall water use by 68%. 


Not only does our recycling program accept our own flooring for recycling, but it will also accept any other vinyl flooring for recycling, once it's tested and confirmed that it can be recycled and does not contain any hazardous contaminants.

We feel it should be the responsibility of all corporations to operate their facilities in a sustainable fashion and it should extend beyond just doing the norm. This helps to support more livable and sustainable communities where we can operate by decreasing the carbon footprint by building more energy efficient facilities and conserving energy/water resources.

Charities we support 

Camphill Foundation Habitat Foundation

What we’re reading

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