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Photography by Alle Freiheit Werbeagentur, Cologne, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Market Segment
Square Footage
2077 Sq. Ft. / 193 Sq. M.

Since 1898 Berkel manufactures the best market slicers for every cutting needs, all over the world. Their professional and domestic slicers, tradition meets innovation and are compact and colorful solutions or majestic pieces of steel. Aspecta had the privilage to provide LVT flooring in one of their stores in the city centre of Cologne. 

Style: Alpine Ridge - Pumice, The characteristics of this wood tell a beautiful story through its lightly faded, worn and weathered details. Naturally altered by rain, hail, storm and sunshine. It has gained new life with this enchanting design. 

Care & Maintenance: The no-wax floor is easy to clean throughout the day, and planks and tiles can be easily replaced, if need be.

Reliability: Delivery within 1 week throughout Europe. Delivery withint 2 weeks throughout continental US. 

Sustainability: Phthalate-free and formaldehyde-free. FloorScore® certified for good indoor air quality. Health Product Declaration (HPD) v2.0, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Declare Label have been published for Aspecta One, which disclose the material ingredients of the product. Aspecta’s two Asian manufacturing partners each received the first-ever JUST social justice labels for Chinese facilities. The Aspecta REVISE program takes back jobsite scraps for recycling into other vinyl products

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