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COOP Vitality, Biel, CHE

Biel, CHE
Market Segment
Square Footage
1829.9 / 170 sqm

The Aspecta Advantage

Style: Custom Aspecta One, Bespoke - Contemporary Oak - In its natural state, oak is light so it can be easily stained into a full range of colors. Its graining can vary from deep and dramatic to linear and abstract. Contemporary Oak has a fresh and understated look, different to traditional oak panelling.
Size: 4" x 36" / 101,6mm x 914,4mm
Edge-Detail: Square Edge
Emboss: Barnside

Care & Maintenance: The no-wax floor is easy to clean throughout the day.

Durability & Performance: 100 percent virgin vinyl; .55 mm wear layer; 2.5 mm gauge; ceramic bead finish. 25-year non-prorated commercial and 10-year pro-rated labor warranties.

Sustainability: Phthalate-free and formaldehyde-free. FloorScore® certified for good indoor air quality. Health Product Declarations (HPD) v2.0, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Declare Labels have been published for Aspecta Five, which disclose the material ingredients of the product. Aspecta’s two Asian manufacturing partners each received the first-ever JUST social justice labels for Chinese facilities. Aspecta’s facilities in Georgia and Connecticut have achieved JUST under JUST 2.0 standard. The Aspecta REVISE program takes back jobsite scraps for recycling into other vinyl products.

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