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Mellow Mushroom Restaurant

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Creative Structures Inc., Knoxville, TN
Bonitz Flooring Group, Knoxville, TN
William M. Bird & Co.
Market Segment

Mellow Mushroom in Farragut, Tennessee, has been serving pizza, beer and fun to guests for over 15 years. The restaurant is one of 230 Mellow Mushroom retail restaurant locations across the South and Southwest. The years had taken their toll on the Farragut location’s original, polished concrete flooring, which was beginning to fail: cracking and, beyond aesthetics, creating safety concerns. So the design team looked for a flooring that not only would warm up the look of the restaurant, but improve things from a performance standpoint: longer-lasting and safer. They chose Aspecta planks not only for their good looks, but also for their staying power. And, of course, how well Aspecta stands up to the unique challenges of a very busy restaurant with easy care and maintenance. With a warm look and comfort under foot, Mellow Mushroom is feelin’ groovy with Aspecta!

“The Aspecta LVT gives such a warm feel to the space compared to the stained concrete floor that had been in place for so long. It’s really changed the way the restaurant looks and has been impactful to what the guests see coming in. The wood look makes such a better atmosphere. I am pleasantly surprised about how it is holding up with spills and scuffs. Maintenance is easy – it’s keeping its shine. The day after they put down the Aspecta floor, I said, ‘It looks like a brand new restaurant!’ And other renovation changes hadn’t even been made yet.”
– Scott Mathis, Owner, Mellow Mushroom

Style: Aspecta Five in Conteporary Oak - Caramel creates a warm, welcoming environment, and complements the funky décor. 

Comfort: Warm and comfortable underfoot.

Care & Maintenance: No-wax floor is easy to clean. Planks can be easily replaced, if need be.

Durability & Performance: 100% virgin vinyl; 28 mil wear layer; 3.2 mm gauge thickness; Ceramic Bead finish; Commercial 25 year non-prorated wear warranty; 10 year labor warranty

Sustainability: Non-phthalate plasticizers. First resilient flooring to achieve NSF/ANSI 332 Platinum Certification. The Aspecta Revise program takes back jobsite scraps for reycling into other vinyl products. FloorScore® Certified for good indoor air quality. Health Product Declaration (HPD) v2.1 and a Declare Label have been published for Aspecta Five, both of which disclose the material ingredients of the product. 

"Everybody is thrilled – it’s a great looking floor. It went in very easily. Going over stained concrete can be difficult, but we had no problems whatsoever. We just scuffed up the concrete, skim coated and primed the floor, and installed ASPECTA right over the top.”
– Mike Kinkead, Bonitz Flooring Group

“This LVT is definitely one of my favorites. I like ASPECTA because of the 25-year non-prorated wear warranty and especially the 10-year labor warranty, which is unique. However, design-wise I wanted a rustic look for this Mellow Mushroom renovation: flooring that complemented the existing millwork, art and color stained planks, as well as the new fabrics we chose. The tonal range of ASPECTA is lovely, and the Contemporary Oak Caramel perfectly complements the rustic yet sophisticated design palette we wanted to achieve.”
– Lauren Richardson, Pate Design
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