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Tallahassee Pulmonary Clinic

Photography by Phebus Photography
Tallahassee, FL
Riley Palmer Construction Co., Tallahassee, FL
Link Floors Inc., Tallahassee, FL
Conn Architects & Associates Inc., Tallahassee, FL
Gilford Johnson, MasterCraft Division
Market Segment
Square Footage
8,824 sq. ft. (Loft Wood - Nimbo), 8662 sq. ft. (Loft Wood - Alto), 1,462 sq. ft. (Loft Wood - Cirro)

When the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital took over an old Veterans Administration Building with the intent of creating the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Pulmonary Clinic, the facility worked with Link Floors to specify nearly 20,000 sq. ft. of flooring. Once the contractor determined they would need a lower-cost option, the door was open for Aspecta One LVT thanks to the close relationship between Link Floors and Aspecta distributor Tom McCabe of Gilford Johnson/MasterCraft Division. They quickly identified Aspecta One as offering lower cost yet higher quality than the flooring originally specified – with double the warranty for a recyclable, 100 percent virgin vinyl product. After initially ordering 12,000 square feet, the contractor re-ordered an additional 8,000 sq. ft. of a different colorway, which was delivered in less than 6 weeks.

“ Metroflor pulled through amazingly to deliver the Aspecta One order on time. I helped the client through the process of finding a solution that met the requirement of ‘an equal to or better product for less’. Aspecta One exceeded the competitive product’s capabilities on every level including price. Aspecta One enables me to offer clients a high level of aesthetics and better warranty within budget, backed by Metroflor’s outstanding responsiveness and customer support.” 
– Tom McCabe, Gilford Johnson/MasterCraft Division

Style: Crafted from robust pinewood, Loft Wood planks are available in a stunning range of natural grey tones that evoke a time-worn, weathered effect – rustic, yet sophisticated and soothing in healthcare environments.

Comfort: Warm and comfortable underfoot.

Care & Maintenance: No-wax floor is easy to clean. Planks can be easily replaced, if need be.

Durability & Performance: 100% virgin vinyl; 22 mil wear layer; 2.5 mm gauge thickness; Ceramic Bead finish; Commercial 20 year non-prorated wear warranty; 10 year labor warranty

Sustainability: Phthalate-free and formaldehyde-free. A Declare label and Health Product Declaration (HPD) v2.0 disclose the material ingredients of the product. Environmental Data Sheets have also been published. NSF/ANSI 332 Gold and FloorScore® certified for good indoor air quality. The Aspecta REVISE program takes back jobsite scraps for recycling into other vinyl products.

“Ron Murphy proposed Aspecta One for cost savings and the fact that it had double the warranty of the competitive flooring. The owner liked the samples and we moved forward from there. I can unequivocally say that the owners and staff really like the product, especially the look and texture. They ultimately implemented a design in the reception area that integrated several of Aspecta One’s Loft Wood design colors together harmoniously and beautifully. ”
– Sutton Webb, President, Riley Palmer Construction

“When the clinic’s general contractor asked to get flooring costs down and opened the door to an alternative, Aspecta One was our answer. And when they [Riley Palmer Construction] increased the order with different SKUs at the last minute,Metroflor delivered… fast. My installation crew really likes the product. When they did the ‘punch list’, there was nothing noted related to the flooring. The client is definitely happy.”
– Ron Murphy, Project Manager, Link Floors
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