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Aspecta Sustainability Programs


As part of our continuous improvement in Aspecta’s sustainability programs, we have made a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and combat climate change wherever possible.

Effective April 1, 2019, all domestic Aspecta sample and collateral courier packages will ship via UPS carbon neutral shipping. This includes any packages shipped via UPS Ground, UPS 3rd Day, UPS 2nd Day, and UPS Next Day Air. 

Aspecta’s participation in UPS carbon neutral helps fund global environmental projects that are helping to reduce carbon emissions like the sustainable conservation of the Garcia River Forest. Other projects that are supported by UPS carbon neutral include The Conservation Fund’s Big River and Salmon Creek Forests in California. UPS also supports the Suzhou Qizi Mountain landfill gas recovery project in China and the Chol Charoen wastewater methane destruction project in Thailand.

Through Aspecta’s support and adoption of UPS carbon neutral, we are contributing the reduction of carbon in our atmosphere and reduce our own carbon footprint. By participating in the UPS carbon neutral shipping program, we are supporting emissions reduction projects that help mitigate the climate impact of parcel shipping.


Aspecta’s Revise floor reclamation program provides you with options for your Aspecta floor at the end of its use to help minimize the impact on local landfills and waste management facilities.

What Can I Return To Aspecta For Recycling? 

Any Aspecta waste accumulated during the installation process can be returned. Additionally, any vinyl flooring removed as part of the installation process may also be eligible for recycling. If the flooring that will be removed is a non-Aspecta product, it must be tested prior to returning to Aspecta. Products with too much filler, hazardous content, or hazardous adhesive may not be eligible. It is the contractors’ responsibility to keep the recycled content clear of foreign debris. Do not combine Aspecta installation waste with any old flooring that is also being returned for recycling as approved by Aspecta, as charges may be incurred if the product is received with intermingled jobsite debris.

How Do I Return My Floor To Aspecta?? 

Call the Aspecta Customer Service number at 1-888-235-6672 or email Once you have contacted us we will send out a short application to start the process. This will be used to gain as much information as possible such as the jobsite location, square footage, dock access, etc... If you will be requesting recycling of existing non-Aspecta branded flooring, you will need to send samples to us for testing. Please allow adequate time for this in your planning. Or goal is to make this a simple process for you.

How And When Will I Start Shipping The Reclaimed Vinyl Flooring?

Once your job is approved, we will send out nylon bulk sacks for your vinyl recyclables. You will need to place these bulk sacks on a pallet prior to filling them. Pallets to be provided by contractor. We strongly encourage the reuse of existing pallets from the jobsite. Each bulk sack will hold roughly 1 ton (2,000 lbs) of material. Once the job is completed you may call the customer service number on this form or on the bulk sack itself for pickup. We will handle all of the logistics of the return. The jobsite contractor may need to help the carrier picking up the reclaimed products.

Where Does The Product Go After Leaving The Job Site? 

Reclamation should always make good environmental sense. After leaving the jobsite the reclaimed product will be returned to our facility in NW Georgia for granulation. The granulated product will be stored at our facilities until it is requested for use in other products.

What Do You Do With The Granulated Products?

Depending on current demand from our factories and recycling partners, this recycled content will be utilized in one of two ways: It may be utilized for backing material in other Aspecta branded products or we may also use this reclaimed material to produce various secondary vinyl products. We are always pursuing other uses and recycling partners. 

Is There A Cost Associated With This Program?

No, this program is provided free of all charges with the purchase of Aspecta flooring. It is Aspecta's stated goal to divert this waste material and any eligible vinyl flooring from entering our landfills. There may however, be a fee if the product is received with intermingled jobsite debris.

Are There Geographical Limitations With This Reclamation Program? 

At this time, the program is available for all projects that are located within the Continental United States.

Aspecta Reclamation Program

Customer Service Phone: 1-888-235-6672