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An essential condition for free and open exchange – full disclosure of the information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making


We are stepping ahead and showing the way, showing our customers what’s under the surface. Aspecta flooring is brokering new and transformative conversations in the resilient flooring industry. It’s time to communicate openly about the ingredients of resilient flooring products and the factories at which they are made.

We commit ourselves to transparency, with a full suite of documents including: Just Labels, Declare labels, Health Product Declarations, Environmental Product Declarations, and our proprietary Environmental Data Sheets. Here at Aspecta, we are continuously implementing new and improved sustainability documentation.

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We support mindful MATERIALS, which provides a common platform for Aspecta  and other leading manufacturers to transparently communicate about environmental, health, and technical information for other building products. 


Our factories strive to improve social equity and employee engagement. Aspecta is ahead of the curve, introducing a new dialogue with our global audience about our Asian factories through our pursuit of the JUST label. The JUST program, which is administered by the International Living Future Institute, is a way to transparently disclose important information about our operations such as diversity, equity, safety, local and worker benefit and stewardship. Aspecta is proud to be the first in Asia and first flooring manufacturer to obtain a JUST label for our two operational factories in China.

Interested? Want to see for yourself what transpires in our Just labeled Asian factories? Our doors are always open to our customers.

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Aspecta factories have both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. ISO 9001 sets quality standards for our factories while ISO 14001 ensures we have a robust environmental management system in place.


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In addition to our transparency efforts, Aspecta is dedicated to the safety of its products and confirms excellent indoor air quality with VOC testing performed by independent laboratories. All of our products are FloorScore Certified and have achieved Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold. In addition, Aspecta products are phthalate-free and free of heavy metals. This is assured by having them tested to the same standards as those used to check for such substances in children’s toys.

All Aspecta products are REACH Compliant and Prop 65 Compliant. We continually monitor these programs for updates and new products are always tested per the latest version of each.